Extending LG Futures’ reach with the Savings Optimisation Model

giraffe delivers 100% more qualified leads for new product launch

LG Futures provides financial consulting with vision to the public sector.  Pre-empting the reduction in public sector budgets, LG Futures had developed a financial services product that would help local government to quickly identify substantial cost savings.

Our Challenge

Refine the initial concept and develop a name and complete marketing package with which to launch the product at CIPFA, the major sector conference.

Different Perspective

We held a brand workshop with LG Futures in which we identified the features and benefits of the product, along with a name, Savings Optimisation Model, that would resonate with financial directors within local government. 

The strapline, ‘Unlock your savings potential’, was then developed and suitable imagery sourced.  We produced a graphic to illustrate the modular product and used this within the marketing collateral which included: a teaser flyer emailed to delegates the day before the conference; a digital and printed gatefold flyer issued at the conference and in follow up;  a full page trade press ad and a presentation.


Jude Ranasinghe was closely involved with us on developing the product: “giraffe’s development consultancy on the  Savings Optimisation Model was really useful. They asked the right questions, which led us to achieving the best answer. In addition, giraffe’s conference mini marketing plan made our communication with delegates far more effective. 

As a result, we achieved 100% more qualified leads than other conferences we’ve attended.” Jude Ranasinghe, director of consultancy, LG Futures